Content Inventory and Audit Services

For many IT companies, content marketing is an ad hoc effort. The blog gets updated semi-regularly, white papers are written when the sales funnel runs dry, and assets are reused across different platforms. It’s not that these companies don’t value content, it’s just that no one’s responsible for making strategic content marketing decisions. Before you dive into an elaborate content marketing strategy, a Content Inventory and Audit can help you understand where you are today and increase the ROI of both existing and future content.

During a Content Inventory and Audit, we meet with you to get your perspective on your content, to understand your messaging, and to learn your short- and long-term marketing goals. We then review your content—blog posts, videos, infographics, white papers, case studies, e-newsletters, etc.—and produce a detailed report that includes:

  • An itemized inventory of your content including content type, whether its gated, author, date of creation, etc.
  • An analysis of your content based on your marketing goals, content marketing best practices, and technology marketing best practices
    • Some of the things we look at include:
      • Are you making good use of a Call to Action?
      • Is your content salesy when it should be vendor neutral?
      • Is there a consistent tone across your content?
      • Does content look/sound/read like it’s been professionally produced?
    • Recommendations for improving and updating existing content
    • Suggestions for repurposing content
    • New content types and topics that will engage prospects

The Content Inventory and Audit concludes with a presentation of the report and our recommendations to your team.

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