Content Strategy Consulting

Most B2B technology companies today understand the need for a content marketing program. The issue is knowing where to start. Which content types do you need? What social media platforms should you be on? What topics will best engage your prospects and deliver qualified leads? Those answers—and more—are found in a content marketing strategy.

A content marketing strategy serves as a framework for your efforts, ensuring that you’re investing your (limited) resources developing the right type of content about the right topic for the right persona. As a result, your content marketing program delivers more value to your prospects and more effectively meets business goals.

There is no template for creating a content marketing strategy, but there are best practices. When you engage Bedell Communications for Content Strategy Consulting, we meet with you to first understand your business and content marketing efforts to date. Depending on your needs, we can help you:

  • Develop your brand story based on your competitive differentiators and the problem you’re solving for IT buyers
  • Develop a content marketing mission statement that aligns with the business
  • Identify and develop audience personas
  • Develop brand messaging for each persona for each stage of the sales funnel
  • Identify must-have content types and marketing techniques based on your budget and goals
  • Map personas and content types to each stage of the sales funnel to engage prospects throughout the buying process
  • Identify existing content that fits within the content map

We also provide recommendations for executing your content marketing strategy. Depending on your specific content needs and resources, we can suggest specific pieces of your strategy that are more suitable to be handled in-house versus outsourced to a third-party, and the role every employee can play in helping you execute your strategy.

The content marketing strategy engagement is concluded with a detailed presentation to your marketing team and/or a higher-level presentation to representatives across lines of business. The latter is intended to rally the company around your content marketing mission statement and introduce them to your strategy, thereby setting the foundation for their future involvement.

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