Rebranding Bedell Communications

About a month ago I realized it was time for a new website. I’ve redesigned a couple times since I began freelancing in 2008, but the time had come for some self-reflection and rebranding. My little company-of-one has matured a lot over the past year, and I’ve had to decide how to accommodate further growth – do I turn Bedell Communications into an agency? Do I hire a couple contractors to help out from time to time?

Neither of these options sounded appealing – at least not for the time being. I love writing, and I love being a part of a team. I consider myself blessed to have a really good group of clients that I enjoy working with and for. But I also love knowing that I am ultimately responsible for deliverables. When companies hire Bedell Communications, they’re doing so because they like my work and that’s what they get – every time.

I am also in the fortunate position to not have to actively engage in sales. Most of my work comes from return business and referrals. Between this and the fact that my clients do business with me, I thought it was time for a more personal feel. So I ditched the corporate website for a blog.

My goal with this blog is to provide helpful resources to other content writers and producers in B2B technology marketing. IT is not like other industries when it comes to marketing, and all too often I find that advice is watered down. It doesn’t quite align with the realities of writing and marketing to this audience. I hope to provide a real resource that technology marketers and copywriters can use.

For example, I spend a good amount of time looking for independent research to cite in white papers and blogs. Third-party research from analysis firms can be gold, but it can also cost as much as gold – and free research is hard to find when you need it. I was haphazardly keeping a spreadsheet of the various statistics and findings I came across, but it wasn’t enough. So I’ve started blogging about them. Not only do I now have a collection of stats to draw from, but hopefully you’ll will find it useful, too.

Over time, I hope to provide other tools that freelance copywriters and B2B technology marketers will find useful – and I look forward to your feedback.